17 injured in illegal fireworks explosion in South L.A.

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Officials on Thursday are investigating what went wrong when what was meant to be a controlled detonation of fireworks by the Los Angeles Police Department ended in a major explosion that injured 17 people in a South Los Angeles neighborhood. Christina Pascucci reports for the KTLA 5 Morning News at 7 a.m. on July 1, 2021.

Story: https://ktla.com/news/local-news/17-including-10-officers-injured-in-detonation-of-illegal-fireworks-seized-in-south-l-a/

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17 thoughts on “17 injured in illegal fireworks explosion in South L.A.”

  1. At 1:23 box says "Made In China". That means they were transported 8000 miles by ship to LA Harbor, then 400 miles to Pahrump, Nv then 400 to south central, all with NO problem. But the cops can't make one more move to the Mohave Desert to ignite it?

  2. Wait one of the injured ones was a atf agent? That means the agent was near the blast or even in the home. How did this happen? How can you be so incompetent at your job?

  3. And watch whoever had the fireworks will be charged with attempted murder due to the police incompetence.

  4. There's a reason people call the media the enemy of the people and the title to this video is a clear example of that reasoning. It would be no explosion if it wasn't for the incompetence of government the LAPD they caused this explosion that's what your title should have read y'all are despicable.

  5. I guess that truck was a waste of money.. imagine if it was a real bomb. Must be made in China

  6. Not sure why firefighters did not just put water on fireworks instead of exploding them

  7. I thought the lid weighed 500lbs. She said it weighed 2000lbs. Either way, would not be surprised that the person who was storing these illegal fireworks was making bombs, not fireworks. Either way again… would be nice to hear that the person who was in charge of this operation gets fired and loses pension for not being thorough and that the agencies responsible pay for all damages.

  8. Ummm… the cops should b held accountable. They should have watered down the fire works b4 transport. Not blow them up for fun.

  9. so who is going to pay for their medical bills for their hearing loss and pay for their hearing aids, you know damned well that is going to haunt these people a few years down the road.

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