2 detained after pursuit ends in crash in Pomona

19 thoughts on “2 detained after pursuit ends in crash in Pomona”

  1. I will understand it you got all the police officers and all these counties with the police officers they can shoot the tires out that's sad they could have stayed should have shot his tires out what do we have a police department for clowns at a circus

  2. I took a shot every 10 times mr. nonstop talker said "uhmm" & "uhhh". Now I'm drunk, LOL.

  3. เป็น ตร.ไทยเรียบร้อยนานแล้ว

  4. Polizei zu nix nütze , muß erst ein Truck das beenden . Voll Peinlich für die Polizei die nur hinterher gurken obwohl viele Möglichkeiten gewesen wären es wesentlich eher zu beenden. LKW Fahrer Respekt und Daumen Hoch , Gruß aus Germany

  5. That truck helped he could’ve stopped when he turned the truck speed up a lil bit like he was trying to box him off

  6. It would appear the truck driver had the only common sense and balls in that whole liberal state. A place where they are more concerned about criminals than they are innocent potential victims. So many failed opportunities to take out the pick up likely due to asinine policies. Kudos to the CDL driver. He likely had charges brought against him for reckless driving because that's the way California works. Very dysfunctional.

  7. That's idiotic and crazy will end up in custody eventually no matter what which isn't fun at all

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