3 killed in Anaheim hit and run; suspect is later found

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Three people in the mangled wreckage of one car were pronounced dead at the scene. The suspected driver of the other car and a passenger were later found at a hospital.


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17 thoughts on “3 killed in Anaheim hit and run; suspect is later found”

  1. So in order for me to catch the hit-and-run suspect i have to be killed? How come nothing happens when I report the hit and run and I have all the license plate Information and all the cars description and still nothing gets solved. Even if I have all the evidence the police just get away from me!!

  2. Why in gods name was the driver in the white Benz going so fast in the middle of town. Knob.

  3. Leaving the scene was a bad choice for the Mercedes driver. Felony hit and run and manslaughter for him/her. What a horror for the families of the deceased.

  4. “Speed may have been a factor”? It WAS the factor. Do you not see the Mercedes flying down that street?! That is VEHICULAR HOMICIDE! I hope she rots in prison.

  5. I saw in another report that the two girls in the Mercedes were taken to the hospital by a Good Samaritan. One was seriously injured. But, the driver needs to pay for the three deaths with the excessive speed she was traveling. So stupid. All of those lives ruined and for what?

  6. Where I'll see you then clear by me personally I put a DVD on my kids if they go anywhere I just County they're told to stop and go home so we're out of that that's on view and them in the rest and no one even asking me to come down there and help you dude this is your s*** you deal with it I ain't got nothing doing it my family still there with me up here in current and we're good we ain't got nothing to do with any of that ship has a point-of-sale okay thank you good day and nobody ended up here and already been hurt nothing we're all together while diving well will

  7. The caption said it’s not clear what caused the accident speed may have been a factor??? Duh do you think!!!!!

  8. Example of people who are so self centered that they live thinking about their own lives.

  9. WTF Police said they might/could be charged with vehicular homicide?? Must be rich. No justice for taking three lives. Once again money talks when you kill THREE PEOPLE. Had no problem taking care of themselves. Human garbage and scum and they walk free.

  10. Mercedes speeding yes,no doubht.But the Kia failed to yeild to the right of way right? yep. You see the Kia come to a quick , rolling stop for a sec and then proceeded tinto traffic

  11. I am in no way justifying what just happened but the females in the car went to the hospital. Again, not justifying at all what they did, but the suspects were equally in the same severe crash. Los Angeles Times completely dismissed that. Shame on this news site.

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