Bags of money fall off armored truck in SoCal

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A wild scene unfolded Friday morning in Southern California after two bags of money fell out of an armored truck, leading drivers to shut down the freeway as people scooped up fistfuls of cash, the California Highway Patrol said. Instagram user @DemiBagby shared video of the scene.

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15 thoughts on “Bags of money fall off armored truck in SoCal”

  1. And your first thought was to get out and go live on YouTube instead of picking up much as you can smh And for those of you who disagreed with this getting out of your car and picking up the money well our government has been taking from us all my life this needs to happen in every state

  2. This has got to be the dumbest person to walk the earth !! She really posted this ?

  3. People saying that you can get in trouble and it is on camera. Did the video capture them actually pocketing it and driving off? It is cash and is hard to trace. When confronted just say yes I was going to take it but then people were yelling that I could get arrested so I threw it back on the ground and left. Don't deposit it into an account.

  4. These idiots got caught posting their faces on social media! These young people are not too bright!

  5. So if i lost a bag of money the chp will protect all my money iam so glad to know this ial gonna test it and if they dont shut down the freeways and threaten arrests ill sue

  6. the girl in the gray sweater was arrested probably because of this video.
    not everything needs to be recorded

  7. I know, if I accidentally dropped a backpack full of money, on the freeway, and it spread everywhere, nobody would be charged for stopping and picking up and running away with my money.

    The police would probably charge me, for accidentally spilling money all over the freeway and causing a traffic jam.

    If anyone gets put in jail for this, it’s pretty dumb and it shows a citizens money doesn’t matter as much as a corporations money.

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