California highway crash kills at least 13 people

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A collision between a semitruck and an SUV carrying more than two dozen people near the U.S.-Mexico border Tuesday morning has left 13 dead and several others injured, officials said.


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18 thoughts on “California highway crash kills at least 13 people”

  1. "13 illegals killed when their smuggler runs a stop sign in front of a truck".
    There, fixed it for you

  2. My Lord, indeed, you have given of the sovereignty and taught me of the interpretation of the events. Creator (of) the heavens and the earth, You (are) my Protector, in the world and the Hereafter. Cause me to die (as) a Muslim, and join me with the righteous." — 12:101

  3. This is Biden his policies will allow illegals to come in and take vaccines from American citizens, they have already let go over 100 illegals into the country that had Covid it’s disgusting Biden is a joke

  4. God bless the truck driver heavy load to bear for the rest of his life if CHINA JOE had left the wall alone the hole they came through would not have been left open

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