Cash on San Diego freeway | Traffic incident with armored vehicle causes chaos on Interstate 5

15 thoughts on “Cash on San Diego freeway | Traffic incident with armored vehicle causes chaos on Interstate 5”

  1. Let’s film myself committing a crime instead of just doing the smart thing and pick up as much as you can and dip out lol

  2. You simply cannot leave money scattered all over the place unprotected and expect people not to take it. These theft by finding laws are harsh and absurd. We could take these types of incidents as a sign that the Universe wants to level the playing field. Share the wealth. Peace.

  3. WTF, a lot of people would pick up the money trying to be helpful. Who said they were going to take it?????
    A similar thing happened to me once. A car trailering a boat went thru an intersection in front of me, a wallet fell off the back of the boat and 'exploded' when it landed. Money went everywhere. I pulled forward (into the middle of the intersection) and put on the hazard lights because other cars were passing by and blowing the money all around. I got out and picked up the money (with azzholes flying by me) and the guy with the boat came back. I handed him the money. (he did not say 'thanks' but it was sketchy standing in the intersection)

  4. Girl at 0:36: hi i'm just here picking up money, dont record me please, i really hate wearing mask
    girl at 0:50: i really hate wearing mask also, please dont record me, i didnt do anything, i was picking up trash

  5. Dum-dum 1: [films with her face on camera so there'd be no way she won't be identified]
    Dum-dum 2: [throws all the cash he collected in the air so he has to do it again]

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  8. I would not have filmed myself doing this lol, thats a fed case jus waiting to happen

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