Cerritos Plane Crash Remembered 30 Years Later

Cerritos Plane Crash Remembered 30 Years Later

CBS2’s Dave Lopez, who covered the tragedy that day, takes a look back at the disaster.

CBS2’s Dave Lopez, who covered the tragedy that day, takes a look back at the disaster.


  1. My uncle, my dad’s brother was on that plane. My younger was supposed to be on that plane as well, but my mom insisted that he come home with us a few days earlier after celebrating my cousins 15 birthday celebration in Mexico City. We were waiting for him at the airport with my cousin……I’ll never forget her reaction when she heard the news, not just her, but my brothers and father about the plane crashing. News reporters surrounded me and my girlfriend and asked us tons of questions that I don’t remember answering. It was all surreal.

  2. I went to school (Cerritos High School) with a lot of kids who lost a loved one in the houses on the ground.
    I haven't heard some of the names in the footage for a long time. I lived in Cerritos from 1970 to 1992.

  3. I am in the Los Angeles area. It’s interesting that Dave Lopez would Be covering this as three years before on the day of the accident he had been involved in the CBS coverage of that day.

  4. I remember it, it was a Sunday & I was 8 yrs old living in long beach an exactly a year before that on the same day Richard ( night stalker) Ramirez got caught an beat up I'm east LA .

  5. Cerritos city IS A SHIT! THE WROST SHIT CITY ever exist! my neighbor doing loud sounds from 8 am in the morning i can hear it inside my room, i called the Cerritos sheriff around 9 : 20 am they said i have to call on 8 am in order for them to work, otherwise its allow 9 am for constructions to work, this Cerritos city IS A SHIT!

  6. Mary Wong remarried after losing her husband and daughter, So it makes me wonder what went through her head getting in bed with a man that wasn't her husband. Are all 3 of them gonna hang out in heaven? They built a memorial and everything. Does she bring along her new husband with her to the memorial?

  7. Dave Lopez was rockin' the hair that year! On a serious note, I remember my dad took us to go see the aftermath of this tragedy the following weekend. It was a Saturday at around noon. My dad was off on weekends. We get there and the entrance to the neighborhood was closed. I wanted to get a sense of what was going on. I rolled my window down on my dad's new Honda accord. The smell of jet fuel was intoxicating to say the least!

  8. Me & my brothers flew into nearby Burbank that morning and missed this crash by three hours. It took us months to put it out of mind. The news that night showed the pic of the plane nosediving after the collision.

  9. My sister lived in this tract a couple streets away, she saw it hit through their front window, my BIL ran over to scene to try and help but said it was just utter chaos of fire and destruction. I got there an hour after it happened to check on them. Didn't go to the crash site, really didn't need to see that. BIL said you did not want to have those memories, but apparently alot of other did because the one thing I do remember is the gawkers, showing up in droves afterwards with kids in wagons and strollers like they were going to the zoo. BIL said he saw gawkers with kids inside the crash zone before the police cordoned it off. We both agreed we hoped they had to pay thousands of $ in therapy for those kids afterwards for subjecting them to that horror.

  10. Crazy to think that my 4 older brothers were supposed abroad that flight! Until my Father let them stay another night in Mexico with my tios. .. we remember & honor those who took their spot and all who were on that plane. We lite a white candle everytime this day.

  11. My friends and I used to pass through that intersection every morning around 5am on our way to Huntington Beach to boogie board and that day was no exception. While out in the water that day waiting between sets a surfer was just paddling out towards us and told us what happened and we didn't believe him because we'd just passed through there earlier.

  12. Uh actulity Walter White was the ATC in Cerritos the pliot was Arturo Valdez

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