Crews battle structure fire in Pico-Robertson area of Los Angeles

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18 thoughts on “Crews battle structure fire in Pico-Robertson area of Los Angeles”

  1. Why don't cities in the US dig in the power lines, like it is done in the rest of the developed word?

  2. Instead of pumping millions of gallons of water into a fire,why not use foam?
    Put blasted thing out,sooner rather than later!?

  3. las angeles is to much city for me ever notice how the bigger the city the bigger the problems ?? i don't know why anybody wants to live there

  4. I can see why these fires last so long. The guys in the air are not even directing the guys where to point the water. I knew that fire to the left was going to burst out and catch those wires. No water was directed in that direction nor at the upper left side

  5. The roof is built to protect what is inside from rain. This includes furniture, carpet, floors, walls, and fire.

  6. That is some serious surround and drown. At one time or another, I saw 10 hoses spraying water.

  7. Inglês de vocês foi feito dessa forma da forma que vocês fala me se esse volta para escola suas

  8. Some Big cities Need to really get with the times as far as using Ole outdated Methods.. These tillers are Great To have but I see 2 1/2 Lines going up the Ladder Try Pre-Pipe It's faster.. Streams are going it one place Try investing in a few Towers ladders..It Adds life to your truckies by not having them to Climb as much also it Adds More safe / Rescue conditions while on the fire Ground..

  9. Too bad they couldn't drop a fireproof tarp across a roof to kill the fire , all that water destroys belongings as quick as the fire .

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