Pedestrian Fatally Struck On 110 Freeway | South LA

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10.15.2021 | 12:15 AM | SOUTH LOS ANGELES – Authorities responded to reports of a vehicle vs. pedestrian on the freeway.

Arriving units located a pedestrian down on the shoulder of the 110 South just south of Florence.

Paramedics responded and pronounced the victim deceased.

The vehicle involved in the crash was not at the scene, possible hit and run, although this has not been confirmed.

Information regarding the victim or suspect is not available at this time.

For licensing, contact [email protected]

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17 thoughts on “Pedestrian Fatally Struck On 110 Freeway | South LA”

  1. I was the driver of a vehicle a pedestrian darted in front of (thought to be suicide by police) while I was driving to work one evening. Whether you're just stupid and walking or running across a freeway, or intentionally wanting to end your life..think about the innocent people you will affect forever. Selfish and beneath contempt behavior.

  2. Had to be homeless people this is by my house they built homeless encampments all over in that area of the freeway

  3. Pedestrian vs vehicle on freeway???
    No vehicle at the scene???
    What? Who walks on a freeway?why?….

    Maybe victim was fell/push out of a vehicle

  4. The drivers always want to go on the emergency lane to get out quicker , homeless are literally always walking down that lane so it’s like what did you expect !!

  5. Hand out reflective vests to the homeless, I mean the unhoused. They use the freeways to access their illegal camps.

  6. Something is drawing these people to the freeways. It's a losing proposition. My sympathies to the people who are innocently driving along trying to get where they need to go.

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