Road Rage Leads To Chain Reaction Crash Near Santa Clarita

Road Rage Leads To Chain Reaction Crash Near Santa Clarita

A motorcyclist was caught on video kicking a car, which lead to a horrific crash. Laurie Perez reports.

A motorcyclist was caught on video kicking a car, which lead to a horrific crash. Laurie Perez reports.


  1. Sorry so late but that doesn't show why the biker kicked the car but right after the car swerved at the biker while still in control and that's when the car lost control. Biker busted on a small damage the car driver trying to swerve at him caused himself to loose control not the bikers fault

  2. Don’t you just love how the Motorcyclist feels just as entitled as the spaced out driver making their way into the Carpool lane????! Typical SoCal world revolves around ME drivers. It’s no wonder that these types of accidents are so prevalent. Everyone thinks…I’ve got places to go and people to see!! Get out of MY WAY!!! Then the innocent driver going the speed limit and minding their own beeznatch gets pummeled and destroyed.

  3. Are they really trying to say that kick caused the crash? If so, that's the most powerful kick in the world.

  4. I just love how the truck accelerated and made it worse for all. Just hit the brakes and you are fine

  5. I Saw This Footage from Russell Crowe's Movie UNHINGED. Appear in Opening scene.

  6. Am I the only one that wondered why no one followed the biker to get him stopped? My first thought.
    Yes the car driver was a dumbass for over correcting and losing control after trying to swipe the bike. But the biker really deserved to be sliding down the road on his ass.

  7. In the famous words of Police, No one saw what led to the motorcyclists kicking the door of the car. Most likely the car tried to run the bike off the road before that incident. Damn good riding skills for the biker

  8. To all motorcyclists out there, not that it's the case here, but your ego can get you killed. Don't ride with other angry riders (in the early days, these idiots almost got me run over) and learn to let it go while on your own. You can't be stupid enough to not know someone is probably going wrong you for every half hour you drive in traffic. They probably didn't mean it unless you started messing with them first. Most of you do 0-60 in 3-5 seconds, so flip them off with your exhaust pipe and enjoy the ride. Why else are you riding? It's not comfortable, easy or safe. Most of you do it because it's fun. Don't have fun? Get a car.

  9. Both were in the wrong. Biker shouldn’t of allowed his anger get to him. He did not think about the consequences that would follow. Kick a car and of course the driver is going to react one way or another. Driver reacted in a hostile way and well you saw what happened. Both could’ve just reported the incident to avoid injuries to others on the road. Lesson of the footage is, don’t let road rage get the best of you!

    Edit: Does anyone have a link to the original video that led to this event?

  10. LMFAO yo I can't be the only one amused by how seemingly unbothered the the motorcyclist was during the whole incident. Even when the car hits him he skillfully maintains balance on the shoulder then watches the mayhem ensue. I imagine him saying "good, das what ya git" as he observes the two cars crashing.

  11. this is the dumbest fucking report ever, a man kicking a car wtf, THE CAR TRYD TO MURDER HIM, THE CAR DIDNT HAVE TO TRY AND KILL HIM, he got what he deserved, i hope they never found that man on the bike

  12. 1:03 How many times did the white vehicle roll over, again? You guys are just all-around shoddy, eh?

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