'Some fatalities,' more than 20 injured after SUV plows into Wisconsin Christmas parade I ABC7

19 thoughts on “'Some fatalities,' more than 20 injured after SUV plows into Wisconsin Christmas parade I ABC7”

  1. The attack is not that simple. The driver is BLM activist. CCP agents funding BLM all anti America activity to get benefits. Now CCP try to using their soft landing weapon (brain wash value) using BLM follow their value against U.S. The attacker looks matching back ground in most of case using by CCP as weapon of terrier attacked without any relation link with CCP. Very perfect. CCP try to switch the world focus. Those attacked final benefit is CCP.

  2. It turns out this dude was fleeing a domestic violence possibly with a knife but he wasn’t fleeing police. And with that combination so you’re trying to get out of somewhere but how do you hit people you’re not even being pursued I mean he shouldn’t even have been doing any of this but what goes to your mind when you think you’re just gonna keep on going and barrel through people. Pure stupidity now this dude is going to get the death penalty hopefully

  3. Horrifying. Let's see if the blm thugs say anything about this, maybe they will burn down more buildings in "protest."

  4. A repeat Violent Offender out on Bail, for multiple Violent Offenses.
    The Prosecutors and Judge should have had a much higher Bail.
    This should not have happened.

  5. mis plegarias desde Rosario, Argentina… mantenganse fuertes… unidos…. gente mala existió siempre….

  6. DRIVER IS: Darrell Edwards Brooks, BLM ACTIVIST AND EVEN POSTED HATRED towards white people!!!!

  7. Is Biden going to come out immediately and denounce black supremacy?

    He had no problem defaming an innocent person a year ago.

  8. This is BLM’s response to justice. A white man was found not guilty, BLM can’t allow that.

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